Friday, June 15, 2007

Disjointed Friday!

It's raining again. Still not sure if there'll be any races anywhere this weekend.

But The Belvedere is officially out of the hole and I'm leavin' work as early as I can to go see the "official unveiling" tonight. I still remember the first time I ever heard about it, on the field trip in fifth grade. I remember sittin' in the Jury Box right on the end next to Mrs. Reutlinger that day -- but I guess it didn't cross my mind to do the math; I don't remember thinkin' anything about "I'll be thirty when they dig that up..."


I set the DVD-Recorder to catch the news coverage today at noon and tonight for the unveiling, it's only the third time I've actually used it. Apparently, when I ordered the DVD-Recorder, I had momentarily managed to forget how much TV sucked. "Hey, I can record to DVD's and then watch 'em on the MacBook at work or anywhere! Wow, now if only I could tune in something worth watching..."


I've come to the conclusion that Racing Season and Knitting Season do overlap. I've chickened out and hit the "pause" button on two separate socks; but as of this week, I've started my first sweater. If it turns out worth a damn at all, it'll make a cute little gift -- I'm itchin' to post pictures, but I don't want to spoil the surprise, and if I said any more than that, she'd totally figure it out. It's in my car and it's calling to my compulsive side, makin' me wonder if I could get away with sneakin' a few rows at work. Wednesday night on my way into Tulsa, I had to wait for a train to cross so I whipped out the needles and finished two rows right there in the driver's seat. I just want to get a little further and see how long it takes before it starts to look like an actual sweater! I'll post pictures after it's done and tried-on by its new owner...


Did ya know that if you're several payments behind on a truck, and you run out of gas on your way to work in it, it's not a good idea to leave it in somebody's parkin' lot, even if you leave a note saying you'll "be back at five"?? I guess somebody learned that the hard way yesterday -- heh -- he called us when he found it missing. I'm sure you can guess how hard it was to find a polite way to say "Repo Man Got It" without giggling...


Gah, is it time to get outta here yet???

More later... _\,,/

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