Friday, June 01, 2007

The One Time To Be Thankful For Cat Puke...

A couple weeks ago, I picked Hannah up to love on her a little bit before I left for work and I thought I felt something strange. I tried to put it out of my mind, but it was with me all day and all I could think about was getting home to look her over a little closer.

Hannah's one of those cats who wants her human affection on a fairly limited basis, and always on her terms... Trying to figure out what I'd felt in my hand earlier that day turned out to be quite a challenge because she was not very interested in being held at that particular time.

When I had to have ShadowCat put down because of that "Aggressive Tumor," I asked the Vet if it was something that might've been passed along to the other cat, or possibly caused by something environmental; he said "no" on both counts, but still, I worried a bit.

After about three days of trying, I finally felt it again. Hannah Kitty had a lump near her, uhm, left front teat. Or Tit, or Milker, or Boob, or Breast, or whatever you'd prefer to call it. Now, I don't know if Breast Cancer is a common thing among cats; ya don't see 'em wearing pink ribbons or passing out laminated cards to hang in the shower with instructions for self-exams; but I've already lost one Cat to cancer, so finding a lump anywhere on the remaining cat obviously freaked me out a little bit. What if it's something in the house that's doin' it to 'em? What if that something could be doin' it to me too? What if, what if, what if...

I've had some cats in the past who were calm & laid-back enough to let me maul 'em any which way -- but Hannah would have no part of being laid out on her back where I might part her fur to see what was goin' on with her lefty-fronty, nuh-uh, no-way, no-how. Since there wasn't much chance of looking, I spent every chance I got trying to feel for it; every time I'd pick her up and pet her, I'd pay close attention to her chest and her belly as I put her down, and I could feel that lump almost every time.

I was thankful it wasn't getting bigger, but still, it wasn't disappearing either, and it was making me anxious as hell!

A couple days ago, she was rollin' around sheddin' on my bed while I was close enough to see and I caught a glimpse of something in her fur that wasn't moving quite like the rest of the cat. I couldn't let it go any longer, I couldn't stand to keep worrying, I decided that if she wouldn't let me check it out this time, I was callin' the Vet's Office that very moment. So I reached for her, and before she could bite/claw/gnaw on my hand too much, I discovered that though the lump wasn't getting bigger, it was growing out, as in hangin' off of her long silky fur...

I'd freaked out over a matted gob of hair. Yeah.

The next night when I got home, she'd speeyacked the biggest damn hairball I've ever seen; but I couldn't gripe, 'cause hey, at least she got it -- the lump was gone.

Yeah, even with just one cat, I've still got a little bit of that "Crazy Cat Lady" thing goin' on.

More later... _\,,/



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