Monday, June 25, 2007

Hooray For Disjointed Monday-o-rama!

I haven't written in a while. I know this partly because I didn't ever bitch about "Tulsarama!," and partly because Clay said "Hey, you haven't updated the blog in a while..."

I know it's been long enough I should just "get over it," but I haven't yet. "Tulsarama!" was a disappointment; but not because the vault turned out to be full of water, and not because the "Buried Belvedere" was rusted out and nasty. I was disappointed because they sold the big Friday Night "Unveiling" as the first time anybody got to see it, and it was not. I was pissed off 'cause they'd already had it out and messed around with it and then threw some plastic back over it just to put on a show of all those guys picking pieces off. If the Friday Night Unveiling was supposed to be the first time we all saw it, then why did they mess with it beforehand? Why were there dozens of PhotoBucket sites and YouTube videos of the "preparations" for Friday Night's "ceremonies?" If the whole purpose of gathering everybody at the Convention Center was to unwrap it for the first time, then it should've the first time.

I was also disappointed in the choice of "local celebrities" to put on the show. How the hell did they pick those two rattleboxes to be the people that represented Tulsa in a TV broadcast that recieved worldwide attention? People from all over the planet are going to think everybody around here is a dipshit who keeps talking whether they have anything to say or not. And with the folks from the Historical Society wearing latex gloves and being as gentle as they could, I was just stunned when I saw 'em waving that old newspaper around even though it already had a hole in it, and when Erling went to grab it away from the ol' rattlebox, I didn't know what to think. Snatchin' it right outta her hands, uhm, hey, that's not fragile or anything, is it?? Both of 'em were bare-oily-handed and tossing stuff like they didn't care that there were bits and crumbs flying off it, dropping stuff on the floor as they were scrambling to get the next handful of whatever they could grab out of the capsule just like a bunch of monkeys goin' after a fruit basket. "I grabbed this first!" Yeah, well, you strung several pieces of it all across the stage, smarty. Seriously, we sat in the far end of the upper level, on the opposite end of the building and we could still see the bits flyin' off because of 'em bein' all rough with stuff.

In short, I think it would've been less irritating if someone could've gone after the "Celebrities" with some Duct Tape and Tennis Balls before the "show" started.


Friday night was our second trip to Caney Speedway, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I'd almost forgot what a tacky track was like -- it's good, it's so good... It's way more fun when they use the water truck, I ain't kiddin', I love it. I had a great time 'til the car died partway through the feature -- but I really can't complain, sometimes shit happens. Seriously though, the track was beautiful and Saturday Morning was the first time in a long time that I'd been able to pull big chunks of still-damp mud off the car.


Saturday Morning was also another turning point, The Triumph is gone now. A sweet little lady from Fort Cobb came up here to bring me a cashier's check and ride it home. She was a real sweetheart and just warm & friendly as she could be; I handled it a lot better than I thought I would -- I'm sure that's part of why I didn't get all weepy, 'cause we had such a nice time chattin' while she was here.


I finished knitting my first actual sweater yesterday and it turned out pretty cute. I really really wanna post pictures, but I'm not gonna put 'em here 'til it's with the new owner; and I can't say any more than that just yet 'cause I'm totally surprising a reader with this one and I just bet she'd figure it out 'cause she's the only person I know (besides me) who has a... Well, anyway...


I know I had more in mind when I started this "disjointed" entry, but I just can't think of what else there was...


More later... _\,,/

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