Sunday, August 31, 2008


Right this minute, there are ten lovely recipes for Tortilla Soup in the bag with this computer. A couple of 'em really have me captivated, but it's still just too hot for any sort of soup. Most of them are newspaper or magazine clippings, one is hand-written, and they've all been oh-so-carefully laid into the photocopier so as to fit on standard-size paper, and then clipped together with a classy orange paperclip, and given to me in a lovely moment of well-planned kindness.


It's Labor Day Weekend, I got the green car thirteen years ago this weekend. Wow. Some things are the same, some things are different, some things are stunning.


I finally gave in and set up "Google Reader," and I like it! It's really cut down on my staring at the computer half bored and half trying to remember which bookmarks I've checked lately.


Right this minute, there's an older lady on TV sitting at a desk that looks a lot like a news desk. She's holding a big v!be, one of those monsters with the rotating beads and all that, right there on TV. Gah, did I say something about stunning a few lines back? This outdoes it.


That baby blanket that I mentioned a few posts ago is past the halfway point now, and I like how it's turning out. I wondered how the corners at the ends of the center stripe were going to work out -- they look a lot better than I thought they would. It's good to be on the downhill side, even if I do have until February.


This lady on TV, I'm thinkin' I like her. She's taking calls and right now, she's explaining head (I didn't use the usual verb in front of that, so the Go0glers can just think that's a car part or body part instead of an activity). She's tellin' this guy who's never done it how to go about it, bless her heart. Wow.


I really thought I had more to write, but now I can't remember... The TV is polluting my mind...

More later. _\,,/



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