Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eight Slappin' Pistons!

After a week of hearing forecasts of rain, we skipped Mid-Am's Friday Night races. I never thought I'd be willing to do that, but with the high fuel prices, it just ain't right to spend all that money gettin' there when the rain might come in and then we wouldn't get to race. As awesome as it would be to race on Friday nights again, that particular Friday night might've been a long one anyway, so we stayed home.

Saturday afternoon, Clay's brother came to hang out with us. He's freakin' awesome, have I mentioned that yet? I'm still stunned! Stunned by the awesomeness of it all!

The hearse runs! It starts, runs, idles, and pulls itself. It sounds so cool, so big, so American!

100_1837 100_1826
I like this one. 100_3917

Next on the list: A Windshield and a few dozen cans of Krylon Flat Black.

I have more pictures and videos all done-up on their own set on My Flickr.


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