Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I know, I know, it's been a while. There just hasn't been much of anything to write about, I guess.


The McD's just North of here finally got some English-speakers on staff, but apparently they can't count to three.


Yesterday I took a call asking if we "took cars." When I asked where it was, she answered "It's out here at my house." Since I was trying to stifle the laughter, I handed the phone off and it turned out she really didn't know her address, and attempted to describe it with phrases like "out that long straight road."


The Mark 8 is making a "first road trip" of sorts for Independence Day; if you can call an hour and a half an actual road trip. Since last year's Fourth was blog-worthy, maybe this one will be amusing as well -- since it's billed to feature the same cast of characters. Heh.


My "stressful situation not to be mentioned in the blog" has calmed down considerably, and I think I'm seeing that relief-of-stress extreme-spurt-of-hair-growth much like I saw after getting away from "that college experience not to be mentioned on the 'net." It's kinda nice; being relieved and havin' my hair suddenly grow out a bit -- but I'm probably still in need of a trim.


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine announced a pregnancy via a MySpac3 bulletin, so I pulled some yarn out of the "stash" and started knitting that very night. Don't look at me like that -- I knew both parents in-person before I had a MySpac3. This is my first knitted baby gift that is not a sweater -- but it is the same brand/type of yarn that I used for the pink & black sweater, the one that got mailed to Corpus Christie. Come to think of it, maybe a sweater isn't the best of ideas for the Corpus Christie Bay area, but I'm told it was a hit anyway.

This blanket is from a pattern I found on the 'net, and it's my first. I'm thinkin' it might be turning out a little bit thick and stiff, but that'll be alright -- if it's too heavy for a blanket, it'll make a nice playtime mat, don't ya think?

Baby Gift, In-Progress.


I guess that's all I've got... Maybe it's the heat...


More later. _\,,/

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool blanket. It would make a nice play mat if it's too thinck but this is Oklahoma and the winters CAN be cold. Sometimes lol! They used to be anyway! So it could be a nice blanket for the baby's bed later :) Glad your "situation" is calming and have fun on your "road trip"! Hope the cra runs great! can't wait to read your story!

9:46 AM  

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