Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday: Things That Create A Vacuum...


July 10th: Ordered four books from

August 9th: Got notice in P.O. Box, went to window and was handed this box that looks like it's been backed over by a truck; it's barely sealed, and all four books have cracks & creases...

Free Shipping means you get what you pay for.

August 11th: Try one more time to get Blogger to let me post a picture...

So, there it is -- Lovely, isn't it?

Amazon is attempting to handle the problem -- They sent a polite, apologetic e-mail and now I'm just waiting to see if it takes another month for the New books to get here.

Even more fun: Today at lunch when I went to get the mail, I had a pretty good-sized envelope in my box that had middle-bro & sis-in-law's names on it. The folks at the post office had written My PO Box Number on it with a question mark. Now, is it just me, or would it make sense that if the address on the envelope was number-number-number-number-street, that envelope probably does not go to an address that is P-O-Box-number-number-number??? I mean, seriously, the numbers aren't even close and only the last names are the same. Wouldn't it make more sense to put that envelope in the stack with all the other envelopes that are going to number-number-number-number street instead of just tossing it into a PO Box??

I guess I'm just crazy -- maybe that's why the postal service wouldn't hire me -- surely it's not just 'cause I'm too caucasian, right?

Oh, speakin' of that... Al Sharpton was on NPR this morning talking about "Leadership," and I got so irritated I can't even remember exactly what point he was trying to make. The interviewer asked him a question and he answered with a two-part-er, "Well, Numma One, (blah-blah-blippity-blah), and B, (blah-blippity-blah-blah)..." B? Numma One, and B?? Come on, Al, you're comin' off dumb there! Even dumber than pitchin' such a fit about Dave Chapelle!!

On an entertaining note, that whole deal about "The Chapelle Theory" is fascinating... Even though I sometimes get a little tired of it all when Chapelle's show is on TV, I'd almost go right out and buy his DVD's just 'cause he did such a great job of p!$$ing off that particular "Group" of people. Check out that link and see if it doesn't look like a bad case of "Shooting The Messenger." That group of people is real, real mad about what Chapelle points out on the show... They're not mad about what's going on, they're just mad that Chapelle's so open about making fun of it.

Wouldn't it make more sense to fix the problem, so there wouldn't be anything for him to make fun of?

Oh, no, wait, if I'm too Crazy to work at the Post Office, I'm probably too Crazy for television too...

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