Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stipulations, Schmipulations...

Well, I sent in the e-mail for NaBloPoMo, and I'm gonna give it a try.

Every day for a whole month -- a month which includes my birthday and a major holiday -- but thankfully, a month that is not part of a super-busy time like racing season.

Last night, Clay asked if I was going to avoid ranting about the HoMeSkOoLeRzZ (man, I should copyright that) for the whole month.

If I have to leave out the HoMeSkOoLeRzZ, does that mean I have to leave out their Dad too???

Yesterday while we were discussing the E-mail I got about his Auto-Trader Ad, I stepped away from the PC to let him do his own surfing and it was like he didn't want me to get too far away -- "Hey, wait, come back, how do I get to Auto-Trader-Dot-Com? Do I just type it here?" Uhm, No, that's the search engine box -- you type Auto-Trader-Dot-Com up there in the box that starts with "http://" and has www-dot-Google-dot-com in it right now.

Isn't it fascinating how there are a couple dozen porno sites in the history on this PC just since Friday, and we've also got this OUTERINFO pop-up problem that pop-up blocker will not block -- but if I'm standin' right here close, he's all cued up to act stupid if somebody's close. He has nooooooo problem finding nurse porn, but he can't seem to find Auto-Trader-Dot-Com. Seriously, if you can find pictures of porno chicks who are sooooo airbrushed and sooooo photoshopped that their junk looks like the cartoons printed on the instruction sheet in a box of Tampax, you shouldn't have any problem finding cars for sale.

Now, how could I withold such laughs from my readers??

Of course, there's always work -- but there's only so many variations on the theme of "Ford Parts means we don't have any Subaru Windshields" can there be?

Oh, but just in case the phone wears thin, there's always the satellite line -- and just between you and me, if that body shop doesn't know the difference between a Lincoln Continental Headlight in a cardboard box and a Ford Truck Grill in a plastic bag; well, I wouldn't let 'em touch my car.

November starts tomorrow, and so does my attempt at a post every day.

Seeya Tomorrow! _\,,/

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