Monday, December 18, 2006

Catching Up, Disjointedly...

It's a good thing NaBloPoMo was in November, 'cause December is busy like a dollar store in a bad part of town.


High-Speed 'net on the new MacBook has created a slight distraction from knitting, but I am getting a little better with the smaller needles. It was confusing at first, but the further I go, the easier it gets.

I also burned my first DVD over the weekend too, with the "one-step" button. It only took the first little bit of the tape before I'd hit stop and made a gap in the tape; but I didn't try to change anything, I just let it go. The head cleaner helped the ol' Pawn Shop DV Camcorder quite a bit, and the picture was nice & clear -- I was fascinated just like I was with the first big ol' VHS Camcorder. It was nerdy-cool to see my stuff on the TV even though it was only a few minutes worth.


One day last week I got pissed off at work and I had some huge rant to write about, but then Etta James was on Austin City Limits and I forgot about it all. She was awesome, and I wish I hadn't missed the first half of the show.


The HoMeSkOoL [tm] kids are askin' questions because they have officially discovered "The Word," as Mom says. Apparently, it all came about while they were hangin' out and watchin' their uncle (my other brother) and a buddy try to get a transmission into a Mack dumptruck -- In a proud OldestBro moment, he yelled something to the effect of "I need a fuckin' Mac# hammer!" Heh heh...

Sure, it's best to minimize exposure, but when it comes right down to it, I'm with Eric Cartman, "It's just a word, it doesn't hurt anybody, fuck, fuck, fuckety-fuck-fuck."


Speaking of the stupid... Ain't it nice to know that he can open up every porn skank site, but he can't find his own way to m@ps-dot-Google-dot-com?


Oh Gawd, I hope they're not doing so much research as to Google for "A fuckin' M@ck hammer." It'd be just like 'em to Google up Eb@y and see if they could buy one there. Shit, I'd better change that. Okay, now we're safe.


There's not a whole lot goin' on around here, can ya tell??

More later... _\,,/


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