Monday, December 11, 2006

Now I Know...

Now I know why I'm not a teacher.

I am a learner, I am a puzzler, I am a thinker, but I am not much of a teacher. I can read, follow directions (mostly) and think things through in order to figure out how to get things done, fix things, or make things work -- I can usually figure stuff out for my own brain.

I have a hard time translating things in order to transfer knowledge to someone else's brain, and that's why I'm not much of a teacher.

How's the best way to go about explaining an MP3 Player to a HoMeSkOoL [tm] kid who just got one for his birthday?

We're to the part about "You use the computer to put songs on it," and I'm stumped as to "dumbing it down" any further than that. I keep thinking about the Mac & PC guys and wishing I was just totally loaded so I could get 'em a brand new Mac & an iPod for Christmas and say "Here, it's just easier this way," but I have a feeling I'll be getting it back when he's tired of listening to the "Cars" Soundtrack over and over again.

I'd love to be able to just go to my brother's house and sit down at their computer and show 'em how to open up Windows Media Player, plug it in, and press the buttons; but I worry that I'm not enough of a teacher to get the job done right... For anybody else, maybe; but not for folks who have to use Google to find "That Popular Auction Site Whose Name Starts With An E and ends with a Y" (which I'm not typin' in here 'cause they Google for it and would therefore run the risk of finding me by accident).

Well, if they wanted me to come help during work hours, maybe that wouldn't be so bad, 'cause I'd be gettin' paid for it then...

heh heh...

More of my fifteen percent later!


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