Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day 2: More Fun With Wierd Habits

I'm not much of a TV watcher -- I have two regular weekly shows I try to keep up with ("One Tree Hill" and "Seventh Heaven," go ahead and make fun of me now); most of the time, if I have the TV on, it's more like background noise; especially at night.

Okay, mostly at night. The late-night re-runs are how I got hooked on two shows I never watched as first-run shows. I never watched "Frasier" when it was on every week -- I discovered it by leavin' the TV on when the news went off; and I got hooked. Same with "Sex And The City," I got hooked on the re-runs and I love it now.

As a near-anxious elementary school kid (anxious as in I was that kid who barfed in the driveway every time we had to leave the house after dark), I used to fall asleep with the sleep timer on the radio every night. I (thankfully) got past that as I got older. A little over four years ago, with the "Common-Law Widow Experience," I didn't sleep for quite a while, and then for several months I slept on the couch with the TV on. I don't know why, but I just couldn't fall asleep in my bed; even though I was back home in the bed that I'd had since eighth grade, I slept on the couch for a long time.

When I did finally start sleeping in my own bed (with the mattress out of the spare bedroom -- cats + waterbed = big mess), I got in the habit of falling asleep with the TV's sleep timer. My Mom does it, a few of my friends have mentioned doing it, so I figure it can't be so bad. I've yet to break that habit -- if I'm in bed alone, I've got the TV on with the sleep timer set.

Last night when I snuggled up under my blanket, the channel with "Frasier" wouldn't come in, and niether would "SATC," so I ended up listening to "Letterman" -- I set the sleep timer and took off my glasses to drift in and out like I usually do.

I have no idea who the chick was, I didn't try to get my glasses back on and get a look, and I don't even remember for sure where the event took place; but she was talking about a vacation someplace real tropical-like. I was just almost asleep when I heard her say that she came back to the room and found a five foot baboon sitting in the middle of the bed eating a chocolate bar.

I woke myself up giggling because the first thing that came to my mind was "Holy Shit, that's exactly what happened on my last NASCAR trip!" Her baboon probably wasn't suckin' on a bottle of room-temp Lone Star beer alongside the candy bar though, and I bet it didn't wipe it's ass on a hotel bath towel either.

Like Jill Conner-Browne says, "Life is too short, and too long to stick around doin' anything that doesn't make your heart sing!" I'm so thankful to be Happy now; and boy am I ever glad that guy is gone.

More later...


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