Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Ah, 'twas an interesting Christmas...

This year was a non-traditional one; things just ain't been the same since Grandma's been gone. We've carried on with the Christmas Eve Get Together, only now without the Santa Visit that Grandma used to orchestrate every year. And, in a totally new twist, we had a Christmas Eve Lasagna instead of the usual cookies/chips/dip/BBQ Wieners & other crockpot goodies like we used to always have at Grandma's. I got some interesting video of Dad "driving" that hand-held NASCAR game that's shaped like a steering wheel too.

Also, instead of an ordinary Christmas Day Dinner, I got an unexpected flashback. We had Christmas Morning Breakfast with Clay's family, and it was great. We had a real nice time that was totally worth gettin' up early for, and I didn't really miss the traditional "Christmas Dinner" kinda food. I enjoyed it tremendously and I'm not just sayin' that 'cause I wasn't the one who had to pay the bill and then haul everybody back home after it was over.

Christmas Eve in the afternoon, I put in the order for a new cell phone with BlueTooth so it'll hopefully work with the new MacBook -- just had to get myself a little something nifty/nerdy for Christmas. I'm watching the mailbox...

I told myself I wasn't going to write about the stuff but I've just gotta mention this one little thing... Clay totally surprised me. Totally. Completely. Entirely. I probably can't count how many guys have heard me say "You can't go wrong with the Dooney & Bourke or Coach Counter!" Clay actually did it, and it was a total surprise in more ways than one -- I can't believe I hadn't seen 'em yet, being a crazy bag lady and a total bee freak, I can't believe I hadn't discovered the "Bumble Bee" print! He got me the uber collector's item, the "Bitty Bumble Bee Bag," and it's just the cutest little thing!! I had no idea they were makin' 'em like that, but it's got "D"s and cartoony Bees all over it, some are winking, some are grinning -- it's just as adorable as it can bee! (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun!)

I know this is off-topic, but somebody found me by doing a search for "Mom's Tits." Seriously people, let's get real if you can; wouldn't it be easier to just go ask your Mom?? Mom's Tits -- and I thought the all-caps Googler who searched for the "turkey carcass sleigh" was out there...

More later... _\,,/


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