Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Again? Yes, Disjointed Again.

But with less anger this time.


Before I forget to mention it, go see my buddy Scott, he's got some cool pictures from the ultimate full-on N@SCAR Experience. Not that I'm sending readers away; just that lookin' at those pictures makes me want to break out the massa-card and go give it a shot.


K was just here, he stopped by to show us the rack off that deer he got last weekend... It was only six points, but still, it was pretty nice lookin'. This led into an interesting conversation amongst everybody here, which led to the quiet giggle of the day. It seems that last time Dad's uncle Bobby went up there to hunt, he "missed the handle and grabbed the wire" when he reached to open the electric fence. I know, I know, it's sad to think of anybody gettin' zapped, but I can't help but hear the voice of Hank Hill sayin' "Dammit Bobby..."


I'm sure the entire eating population will be very glad I'm stickin' to the "ordinary" for my contribution to this year's Thanksgiving feast. I was real proud to make/try that Cranberry Relish last year, but personally, I just didn't really like it, and hey, it's just not right to spend time cookin' up something you don't really want to eat. This year, it's Rolls and Green Bean Casserole, and possibly a Chocolate Eclair, but I'm still up in the air about that... Or maybe I'll just make it and save it in the fridge so Clay and I can dive into it by ourselves after we get home.


My Birthday is a week away; which means this computer will be a year old, and my cat will be six. I'm not even mentioning how old I'll be. If you're gift-shopping (and would like to spend as much as you'd spend on a really cheap new car or a really nice used car), I'd just love an AquaMassage. I'll make room for it in the spare bedroom.


I started the knitting for Mom's Christmas; but the more I have my hands in that soft, shiny yarn, the more I think I might just keep going and make it a throw instead of a scarf; which would take up a lot of knitting time, which would mean shopping for all the people I knitted for last year... And I'd have to figure out what to buy, which is even harder than figuring out what to knit. This is the first one I've done this way, I knitted a swatch for gauge, measured, counted, and ripped it back, and then cast on three hundred and thirty stitches (plus an extra six or eight just for the halibut) with a circular needle; so that I can knit stripes that will go the length of the scarf instead of the width. I'm just past the first set of stripes and I like how it's lookin' so far; a wide burgundy stripe, then a skinny set of grey-black-grey, then another wide burgundy stripe, and it's silky-soft too. How did I pick burgundy with a little grey and black? Well, if she likes her truck, surely she likes the colors -- and hey, if she leaves it in the truck, it'll match. (ha-ha)


Seriously, I know there's not anybody reading this who'd spend the cash to have the freight truck show up at my house with an AquaMassage, but maybe there's somebody out there who'd like to horse-trade one for a 2-person Sauna. The one I have sittin' in my garage is Infra-Red (no gas, no propane, total electric, just plug it into a regular outlet), made by a company called Miracle Heat. Since it heats by IR, it's dry, which means there's no rocks for anybody to pour a beer over to stink up the place like they did at the Holiday Inn. Dad and I put it together right there where it's sittin' -- it's easy to dismantle and reassemble, it'll fit in a small pickup or possibly a mini-van, and it's even got speakers in the top so you can pipe in your own music... Call me crazy, I'd just rather have an AquaMassage, especially since they don't have 'em by-the-minute at the mall anymore.


I've still got a little somethin' that I'm really-really fired-up about; but I don't wanna write about it just yet 'cause I don't wanna jinx it...


More later... _\,,/



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