Thursday, November 29, 2007

Maybe I'm Loopy.

I hate to say I'm giving in because it feels a little like giving up, but I don't think I'm going to knit all my Christmas gifts this year because the pressure kinda takes the fun out of it. Mom is definitely getting a scarf (unless I end up going way further than intended and making it into a throw), but there may be only one or two other knitted gifts from my needles this year. Maybe I should've tried for an earlier start... But even with keeping Mom's scarf project in the car and only knitting when I'm not at home, I'm getting pretty close to scarf-width:

Since I still get the urge to knit even when I'm at home hangin' out with Mom, I grabbed some clearance-aisle yarn in a couple different colors and I keep that in my chair at the house. I finally remembered to take my flash drive with me to the library and print that Boobie Scarf Pattern, and I've finally read it through enough times to feel like I could take a shot at it.

Last night I ripped out my second try at The Boobie Scarf. The first time, I was doing great 'til I started on Boobie #2 and discovered I only had six stitches where the pattern called for seventeen. I didn't even have to go back for another read-repeat-read-repeat to figure out where I'd miscounted. Last night on that second try, I ended up with a very visible hole right beside the first nipple and when I thought I might just keep knitting and see what happened on the next one, I noticed that what I'd knit so far wasn't hanging straight off the needle -- read, puzzle, re-read... Apparently I'd left out a single line of the pattern. Whups. Re-rip, try again...

Tonight, one way or another, I will knit Boobies. Maybe I'll switch to a different ball of yarn, maybe I'll go up a size and use short needles, maybe I'll turn off the damn TV and sit under a lamp; but tonight, I will knit Boobies.

Unless I screw it up again...

More later. _\,,/

(Yeah, howdy Go0gle, I said Boobies!)



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