Monday, April 14, 2008

Waiting around like a kid countin' down 'til Christmas...

I think my camera might be alright and maybe it was a battery issue when it started acting up... I took my not-so-functional Kodak "Value Charger" back to the store and exchanged it for an Energizer brand, and since the charger seems to function exactly as noted in the instructions, I'm quite satisfied with it. My conclusion: Kodak=good cameras, not-so-good battery chargers.

I went ahead and ordered a new camera anyway... More Megapixels, more features, three years newer, and brand-new for about half of what I spent on the last one; just as to be expected in the world of electronics. When I got my first (very first, circa 1998) digital camera, I'da never believed that in just a few years I'd be carrying a cell phone in my pocket that took higher quality pictures than that camera. I wish I could remember what I spent on that now-dead Casio digital camera, but it's probably best that I don't, I'd probably be a little sick over it. I still have it though, just in case I ever run onto someone who might be able to fix it -- there may still be pictures in there from when Tammy took it to New York City.

In following with "Brand Loyalty," I'm getting another Kodak -- and amazingly enough, I paid cash, even before my tax refund got here. That CoinStar thing (look 'em up by putting a www in front and a com on the end) was interesting to say the least. It's a pretty sweet deal -- ordinarily, it costs eight tenths of a cent for every dollar (my bank wants a penny of every dollar) for "processing," but with CoinStar, if you select a gift card from that huge online retailer named after a river, coin counting is free.

The machine itself was an interesting window of the people-watching sort -- it has a tray where the coins get dumped in, and that tray has holes in it so anything smaller in size than a dime falls through the grate instead of into the coin counter. Under that grate there were a few different kinds of screws and nails and pills and just general pocket garbage. Ah, the fascinating pocket garbage of strangers. Don't worry, it was a look-but-don't-dare-touch kinda deal.

After I'd dumped my kitty litter jug in there, I was fascinated to see the screen say "You have a lot of coins, please wait while we catch up." I'd made a pretty good guess of how much money was in there, and I wasn't too surprised when the screen said I should check the return slot because some coins might not have been accepted. I know some of 'em got tossed in the jug all grubby, like the ones I've picked up at work...

I reached into the return slot, and there was a small handful of change there, along with one single yellow pill.


I have no idea what it was. I tossed it back into the machine immediately.

I guess that was the "bonus." Heh.

More later. _\,,/

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