Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Update, to the tune of "So This Is Christmas."

So this is Monday.

Opening Night at Mid-Am went fairly well, no major issues save for a mild trailer-brake adjustment as we were leaving town. The Twenty held it's own in a fairly decent manner and ended up with a top-ten finish for the evening. Nothin' broken, nothin' gettin' hot. The "New Management" is really working hard and I think they're off to a really good start. The track seemed to stay pretty nice most of the night. I missed Clay like crazy, and it's not just 'cause he takes lots more pictures than I do.

Speaking of pictures... I had my camera in the truck seat with me and forgot about it, so it ended up hitting the pavement when I got out to see if I could help with the trailer problem. It was in it's small case, and when it fell, I knew immediately what I'd done (so it didn't get mashed like my phone did a few months back), but still, the seat of the ambulance is about elbow-high, and that seems like quite a fall. I shot a couple pictures just ridin' down the highway, and I took three of the car once we were there -- it didn't seem like anything was wrong until Sunday afternoon when it started acting funny while I was trying to take pictures of the baby parakeets.

As I was trying to figure out what was going on, my batteries died.

So... Depending on what I find when those batteries are finished charging, I may be shoppin' for a new camera. I'm trying to be reasonable about that, I know that three years is a ripe ol' age in "Electronics Years," and there are probably several newer, more advanced, higher quality cameras out there for possibly less money, and some of 'em are very, very interesting -- but I really like this camera, so I hope it's not dead.

Sunday afternoon I had a very nice time at "Hen Fest." I'd say that the ribeye could've been better, but it was okay, and I was so happy to be with my girlies that I really didn't care if the food was perfect or not. That girl who sat by me in junior year English class, the one who wrote the most awesome thing ever in my yearbook that year, she's still awesome, and I'm so glad we found each other again and stayed in touch this time.

Also, this being Monday, the HoMeSkOoLeRz are back, amazingly enough. Their Mom took 'em home and then ended up calling back over here and promptly provoking an argument. Dad was a little irritated with me and kept saying "Just don't argue with her," but seriously, I know I'm right, I have to stand up for what's right.

We're waiting to see how that all turned out.

I'll fill y'all in when I get the details myself.

More later... _\,,/

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