Saturday, November 04, 2006

City Auction Report...

Well, I got away cheaper than ever this time. For thirty-six bucks, I filled the trunk of the SHO. I really only wanted the transcriber and the projector, but they'd lumped quite a bit of other stuff (crap nobody wanted to bid on) in with 'em, so I got a few little bonuses. I think there's a 56K modem in there somewhere too -- Yeah, now that every computer I own has one built-in and we've got high-speed at work; I've got a spare 56K layin' around.

We also had a few interesting moments watchin' the security guards chase kids outta the place.

Speakin' of kids... At least I didn't get kicked at the hockey game last night.

I had a Rant on my mind, but the more I think about it, the more I hesitate to write about it because I feel guilty for not doing more toward fixing the situation at hand.

I'm still processing that one, we'll see if it makes it to the keyboard sometime soon.

For now, I'm just playin' on the 'net with Clay's RocketKeet sittin' on my wrist. He seems to tolerate the typing a lot better than I'da guessed he would.

More later... _\,,/


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