Monday, November 06, 2006

One More On Dream Interpretation...

Last night I dreamed I was working backstage for a talk show; and part of my job was to make sure guests were ready to go on. Kool-Aid Man, the big pitcher (c'mon, y'all remember Kool-Aid Man) was one of the guests about to head for the stage for his interview. Instead of hard plastic, he was made of inflated nylon fabric, and he was losing air because there was a chip in the rim of his pitcher, which I fixed with clear tape just like we use to ship out packages, and I sent him on his way.

Why on earth would I dream about Kool-Aid Man?

Oh, wait, I know exactly why.

I had a dream about Kool-Aid Man because I'm sick and tired of these damn political ads. I'm sick of hearing 'em one after another either attacking someone or saying someone attacked them.

Gawd, I thought I was sick of the Toby Keith Ford Truck Ads. I thought those Oklahoma Lottery Ads were irritating... Can you believe they actually cut five minutes off the local newscast for political ads when there's not even any reasonable way to tell who's a liar and who's not?!? They're runnin' 'em one right after another! Attack-Defense-Attack-Defense, ENOUGH ALREADY! Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we could make heads or tails of it all; but when it's all just a bunch of yelling back & forth, "You Did ____" and "No, I Did Not ___!!!" it just wears really thin.

I'm sick and tired of hearing about who does what or does not do whatever about illegal immigration, who's for or against Gay Marriage, who's raising or lowering taxes, who did or did not sign some bill to spend tax money on whatever, who used to campaign for that dumbdick John Kerry, or who's seen who drowning a litter of puppies in the neighbor's swimmin' pool; 'cause maybe they only said that about their opponent so the opponent would have to spend their money to make yet another commercial to deny that they were ever near the pool and make sure we all know they'd never drown puppies.

I'm sick of it all! I want the ordinary commercials back! Sell me trucks, cars, crummy movies, internet access, cat food, ice cream, prescription drugs, pizza, beer, next season's sh!tty TV shows, log cabins, solar-powered heat and air, or even feminine hygene products at dinner time! Anything! I'm sick of campaign ads!

I'd even settle for the Quizno's SpongMonkeys...

More later. _\,,/


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