Sunday, November 05, 2006

This Post Almost Had A Picture In It...

Ah, it's Sunday... Here I am, writin' 'cause I'm tryin' to fill the whole month with a post every day.

Otherwise, I really haven't done much but watch a Billy Bob DVD and eat a handful or two of stuff I probably shouldn't have -- it's after 1:00 and I'm still sittin' around in the clothes I woke up in.

I have managed to do a little more knitting; I've all but given up on the idea of making a hat to go with Mom's Christmas Scarf -- yesterday I discovered a couple loose pegs in my Knitter, and even though I tried to work around 'em, I ended up scrappin' the whole idea and rolling my yarn back in to a ball so I could super-glue the Knitter. I started again this morning and got to almost exactly the same spot and broke the yarn. I'm not sure how to try to fix it, other than starting all over again -- So I tossed the whole mess in a bag and got out the Pink & Purple (along with a different Knitter) for another Christmas Scarf.

I realize I may be making this one for a reason that's not quite right... But what the he11, it's not like she hasn't gifted (or re-gifted) some real ringers to me over the years. A couple years ago, she gave me a broken Avon Christmas Lamp (that was on her bookshelf the year before) for my Birthday. That's why I really don't feel bad about making her a scarf from the "loud colors" department just to satisfy my knitting addiction -- because she'll probably forget about where it came from and sell it at the next yard sale.

I was going to post a picture, but that particular "feature" isn't working. Again.

Maybe I'll just go knit some more...

More Later. _\,,/


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