Friday, November 30, 2007


Okay, here's the deal: Today, I officially un-linked The Blog from The Dot-Com.

This blog still links back to my site; there's just no straight-through way to get here from that site.

I know that most of my regular readers have come to appreciate the difference and surely understand that since the dot-com is on the back of The Twenty (and several other surfaces), it's seen by the HoMeSkOoLeRz and a few other family members, and with the recent acquisition of an e-mail address by a less-net-proficient family member, the dot-com may see a little more traffic soon.

When I say "less-net-proficient," I'm talkin' about that guy who saw me using an AOL CD as a coaster and freaked out about it, his exact words were "Holy Shit!!! Don't ruin that! It's got 1,040 FREE HOURS on it, I can put that in the Bronco!" I was too stunned to think of asking just how he was planning to use those "hours" in a car stereo, and I still wish I knew...

Good, bad, or indifferent, I'd rather that the eyes of said traffic not stumble onto this blog.

What I've done with the "Blog" button on the dot-com is this: I've made a screen-shot into a jpg file to display instead of linking directly here. My "Regular Readers," (I Love y'all) can still come to this URL for actual Blogger postings, as can other members of the Blogger/Blogging Community of which I try my best to be a functioning member -- but those who flip through the dot-com will get a jpg of a (supposedly) current post, possibly edited for content... I know the jpg may not be the most efficient way to go about that, but I'm working on a couple other methods, I just need to think 'em through and try 'em out.

What I think I'm trying to do here is just separate the two sites... I think...

I remember discussing this a time or two, and today I decided to just get-it-done. If there's something ya think I should do differently, by all means, please do share your ideas and I just might use some of 'em.

More Later... _\,,/

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