Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching up, disjointedly.

I just got back from the post office, I mailed off a slightly puffy envelope to do something good for the environment. I thought it was a nifty idea, stick five plastic bags from that one particular big store (red, circles, not blue) and mail 'em off to get back a coupon for a "free reusable tote." Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the totes sell for around a buck each.

Mailing the five plastic bags cost $1.51.

Here's my sign. I could've used those for kitty litter.


Maybe I should've just ordered one of these, 'cause it's hilarious, and it's not red.


I finally got a chance to go see Becky last night, it's been a long time. Also, I finally got to meet her Llama, Llouie.

Llouie Llama

He's extremely llovable and uncommonly cute! Also, I learned the hard way that llama burps stink like nobody's business!


I finally got around to washing those clearance-aisle jersey-knit sheets so I could put 'em on my freebie mattress, and they're amazing. It's a little odd pulling those queen-size pieces of stretchy-t-shirt-feelin' fabric outta the dryer, but once I wrestled 'em onto the bed, they were just incredible! Since they came from the clearance aisle, they're super-bright neon pink, and totally outside my usual realm of color choices, but really, since nobody sees my bed, I do not care one bit.


We're less than a week away from the election, and some sick little part of me is waiting to hear from those not-so-informed folks who, a few months ago, were under the impression that "the woman" and "the black guy" were the only two choices. This morning I heard the younger HoMeSkOoLeR telling My Mom that "if you get on the computer and look it up, his real name is 0sama Bin Laden Saddam Hussein Barack 0bama." I hope to God they're not Go0ogling that. Apparently in their particular HoMeSkOoL curriculum, you can be in eighth grade before you're even eleven years old and you never have to take a class like "Government" or "Civics," or "Social Studies." That's what they claim, anyway...

The teacher I had in public school for Social Studies in sixth grade was awesome. The teacher I had in public school for Civics in seventh grade was awesome. The professor I had in college for Government was awesome. I had a few teachers, instructors, and professors over the years who were not so awesome, but I learned a thing or two from all of 'em. I'm considering a salute to teachers post one of these days.


One night last week, I had a very interesting dream and thought it would make a very interesting blog post. It seemed fascinating until I finished with the hair dryer; by the time I got to the computer, it was starting to lose it's magic. I opened up a text file anyway and started typing it out, but the longer I worked with it, the dumber it seemed.

I didn't even finish typing out the whole thing and it just seemed stupid, so I decided to ditch that idea.


My Dad had to have another removal/biopsy of a skin-cancer-ish type of thing behind his ear. His Dr, with whom I am not particularly impressed, gave him a name of what it "might be" and suggested that he "Go0ogle it," because ya know, stereotypically, seventy-one-year-old guys are really big into Go0ogle. Between all the dictionaries and medical books we could round up, the word that the impressive Dr.'s nurse spelled out over the phone is a tumor that's commonly found in the uterus, which I'm pretty sure Dad does not have; or in the small intestine, which I'm very sure nobody has behind their ear.


We had a great time at Fall Duck-Nic '08, the pictures are on my Flickr.


I guess that's all I've got for now...


More later. _\,,/


Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Wordy First.

My first piece of writing to be published somewhere other than here is up at The DRC.

I'm kinda scared to read it clear through again 'cause I'd probably find something I missed in the fifty-gazillion re-reads I've already done; so cross yer fingers for careful proofreading and go check it out!

More Soon...


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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wait! Don't hit delete!

I'm still here, I'm just... Uhm... Processing. Yeah, that's the ticket. I can call multiple re-edit's processing, right?

I'm trying to get a story ready, but in true story-teller fashion, it's taking me several tries.

When it's done, I'll have a bit of fascinating news, it'll be pretty cool, I promise.

In the meantime, how'bout a little bit of humor?

Here ya go, it's from Magick Sandwich, and here it is!

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