Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sick Humor and Christmas Ornaments.


I was ever so close to revisiting an old post about My Favorite Ornament sometime this week anyway -- and then I saw The RHOK's McLinky Monday post and was blessed with a perfect excuse to write about my little ballerina again!

When I was a kid, I'm guessing sometime around pre-K age, My Mom took me to Dance Classes.

I had the ballet shoes and the tap shoes and the leotard; I don't remember ever owning a tutu, but the tap shoes were pretty darn cool, they were back patent Mary Janes with a black ribbon that tied the strap together, and they had low little stacked heels with the metal taps screwed into the heels and toes. Honestly, I don't remember getting a whole lot out of it other than being out of the house for a little while every time there was a class. I don't remember any recitals or performances of any kind until that play in first grade where I was a fortune teller with tons of jewelry and a crystal ball. The jewelry was every cheap unimportant thing my Mom and Grannie could round up out of their jewelry boxes, and the crystal ball was the glass globe off the light fixture in the hallway, carefully forced down over a piece of black velvet draped over a plywood box base.

I got a lot more out of that first grade play than I ever got out of dance lessons, tap or ballet either one, so we can tell that previous ballet experience is probably not where my love of my little ballerina ornament came from.

I got her during the 66% off after-Christmas sale in late December of 2007. The first time I wrote about her here, I refused to name the store, but since it's part of what makes me love her, I'll say it like a LOLCat, mah ballerina came from Hobbeh Lobbeh.

I know y'all have already heard how I Love Hobbeh Lobbeh, with their not-so-in-your-face-Christianity that's kind and Loving but not pushy, their muzak from a Hymnal, and their almost-weekly 40% coupon… I'm pretty sure they'd be offended by the nature of this post, because even though I love Jesus and I tend to sing along with the Muzak, I ended up with a sick sense of humor right alongside my love of deals like after-Christmas sales.

Right there in the marked-down ornament aisle with "Away In A Manger" being gently hammered out on a dulcimer, I looked up and saw this teeny ballerina, in the midst of this Christian artsy-craftsy store, there she was, a good girl with a wild streak.

She makes me giggle so hard every time I see her, sometimes I don't want to put her away for a whole year.

My favorite Christmas Ornament is a tiny ballerina with crotchless panties!

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