Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ugh, you're gonna write about that???

Yeah, I am gonna write about that, 'cause it happened -- and if Bucky can write about it, why can't I?

Seriously, there's more to me than this whole dirt-track celebrity thing, right? Heh heh, I can't believe I just typed that.

Anyhow... The Doctor's Appointment was a lot easier to handle than I thought it was gonna be. She was very understanding and even "made the appropriate face" when I told her about my Bad Experience with the "Small-Town Family Doctor." I guess I'd been forcing myself to find the humor in that whole ordeal so long I'd managed to forget how hideous it actually was. Ah yes, the new OB/GYN is awesome -- very skilled at chatting as a distraction -- much like they say on "Reno-911," "Speak their language, just get 'em in the car." heh heh...

Now, see there? I managed to write about it with grace and very little detail...

If I can just get through the follow-up appointment, I'll be fine. If Clay can handle me being all clingy & needy again in three weeks like I was last night, we'll be just fine.

Yup, we'll be just fine.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bakin' Cookies...

I found this recipe in one of my old laptops, I know it came off the 'net, but I have no idea whose site it was from. That PowerBook that I pulled out from under my bed was the first Mac I ever owned -- I'm talkin' way-way-back, way back when "2400" was a decent modem, before CDR's, and before USB...

I made these last night just as "something different" for Father's Day, and now I'm thinkin' I might need to hide 'em so I don't eat 'em all before we make it to Dad's house this afternoon.


1 18.25oz box of Red Velvet Cake Mix
1/2 cup of Butter-Flavored Shortening
1 Tbsp of Water
2 Eggs

Powdered Sugar

Combine water, shortening, and eggs and beat until mixed smooth; then add cake mix powder and mix into dough. (It'll seem like there's not enough liquid, but keep mixing, it makes a pretty stiff dough). Form dough into balls (I used my 1Tbsp measuring spoon to scoop for consistent size, it makes a decent-sized cookie), then roll 'em in powdered sugar 'til they're coated.

Place the dough-balls two inches apart and bake on a greased cookie sheet (I used the Butter-Flavored Crisco for that) -- 375 for ten minutes.

Cool 'em on the cookie sheet for about five minutes, then use a spatula to move 'em to foil or a cooling rack.


The recipe text that I have says this makes four dozen, but I came up with three cookies short of three dozen, so maybe I should have scooped with a smaller spoon... They're good though, a lot better than the two batches of cookies I burned for Christmas. ;)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Quick Little Update...

Decent weekend, nothin' too spectacular -- dry & slick & black in spite of the near-rain-out. Nothin' tore up, finished on the lead lap, so it's gettin' better just like I said it would.

Got a night-vision camera for the back yard, would love to catch whoever's been comin' over the fence at night.

My latest two Mirror Project pictures are up...

It's rained off & on today, just enough to keep it super-humid around here -- it's after 3:00 and my hair is still damp.


More later... _\,,/

Friday, June 09, 2006

The English Problem...

In the course of back-n-forth with myself over whether or not to write this post, I've started to worry... What if not making a greater attempt at a soloution makes me part of the problem?? What if I could have made a difference? What if I had just given a straight answer to the question that was asked?? Next time will be different. Now, the scene opens with a phone call during an ordinary (read: boring) day at work:

Caller: Uh, I was calling...

I just stay quiet and keep listening, Duh, you're calling, I'm answering the phone.

Caller: "How much would you take for a ninety three Taurus?"

Me: (Pause, considering reply of as much as I could get, then instead of being a smartass, I figure it's best to let "retail politeness" handle this) "Well, is it crashed or not running or what?"

Caller: "It just needs a new battery."

Me: "Hmmm... Hang on, I'll put The Boss on the phone."

I listen from the other end of the counter as he says something like "oh, I couldn't give that much" and then offers seventy five for it, citing the high cost of fuel to drive over and pick it up.

Then they hang up.

Then the phone rings right back.

Caller: "Uh, I was just on the phone and he said seventy five, I was gonna offer him a hundred..."

Me: (once again, instead of being a smartass) "Hang on, I'll put him back on the phone."

So, would it have been a better idea for me to just answer the question like it was asked and say "Okay, gimme a hundred dollars and I'll come get it." ??? Seriously, if you want to sell something, you don't call up somebody and talk about it like you're looking to buy one!

It's sad to think that as much as I gripe about the "HoMeSkOoLeD" phenomenon, the public school system probably isn't doing much better.

It's also sad to think that as much as we all gripe about the illegals, this rant is not about someone who might say "Habla Espanol?" -- it's about someone who would say "Youseewhati'msayin'" every other breath.

"This Is My Country..."

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Better Than Expected...

Well, it wasn't the best, but it could've been worse... Last night was a "Survivor Night" on a dry rough track and less than half of the twenty-four cars actually finished the A. But hey, it crossed the checker under it's own power and on the lead lap; crash avoidance was a key factor in that. ;)

It should be an interesting week -- The thought has been in the back of my mind for some time, but yesterday afternoon it was brought out into the open. What's it been, six or seven weeks of racing? The car has not been washed at all this year. I know that sounds bad, but it really didn't look all that nasty 'cause we've had a lot of those dry-slick-black tracks this season. Last night after the heat race, I had to lock 'em up to keep from hitting the water truck as I came down from the exit and every crumb of mud from the pits stuck all over my car.

Do we know what I'll be doin' when I get off work tomorrow... Oh, wait, tomorrow night is the last episode of "Everwood," and I really don't want to miss it. So maybe I can get away with putting it off 'til Tuesday night when Clay can come help.

Did I mention that I'm kinda hacked about this "Everwood" deal?? Why do the good shows get kicked to the curb when they're leavin' all kinds of sh!tty shows on the air??? The one good thing I can say about the whole deal is this: Judging by the commercials and previews, they wrote an ending instead of just getting canned without warning like some of the other (few) shows I've been crazy about (See Also: "Dark Angel"). It's been a great run, and I'm sad to see it go -- but it was bery, very well done...

Anyhow, It's Sunday and there's other stuff goin' on, so I'm gettin' away from the computer for a while.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just This Once, A Post That Is Not A Total Rant

Check out this little article from Sharon (The Birdchick) about The Austrailian Cassowary. Birds that can kill humans -- Kinda interesting, kinda scary...