Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, hai.

I know y'all probably get sick of my "disjointeds," but... Oh, wait, are there any of y'all out there?

I have this big ol' long post that involves a freezer getting un-plugged, it's almost done over there in my TextEdit -- but the more I edit/proofread/re-read it, the more I wonder if it's just boring-as-hell to anybody who's not me.

I also have a lovely story about a kitten that I just might use here one of these days.

I really have been using TextEdit after that one post got lost in the ether of Blogger.

I spent most of this morning dealing with a lovely batch of passive-aggressive anger that could've been avoided; but then again, that's part of the nature of passive-aggressive anger: catching my attention last night and saying "Hey, move yer car" would've been easy, picking up my keys off the counter and moving my car would've been easy, but somebody thought waiting 'til the next morning to be nasty about it was way more fun, so there we were. It seems to me that if you have two cars that are fully operational and someone parks behind one of 'em, it would be easy to just drive the other one 'cause hey, it's great to live in a country where we're free to own two cars... But passive-aggressive fun doesn't work that way, passive-aggressive doesn't think about how great life is -- passive aggressive is planning how much fun it's going to be to yell and act nasty to someone the next chance it gets.

It doesn't even seem like it's worth writing about now -- just that I learn from these experiences and that's about all I can do until I hone my psychic skills.

Oh, and we have ice, which means I ain't workin' tomorrow, which just puts it all a little further away...

Maybe tomorrow we'll have a nice kitten story or something like that.