Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh yeah, I was gonna write about...

Oh, hi there. I'm back. Sorry 'bout that, letting a month go by... Whups.

Let's see, where shall I start?

I sold The Excursion. The first time I posted it on Cra!gsL!st, all I got was a parade of disappointment -- lots of people asked questions, but nobody ever showed up. The second time was kinda "on a whim" (read that as "God's planning at work whether I realized it or not") and the first person who e-mailed me called within half an hour of my reply and showed up that night after work with cash. I made about a twenty percent profit and he thought he was gettin' a steal of a deal; which I'd say is pretty darn good all the way around. I still want another one though -- my next one will be a darker color with a diesel in it.

Out of that cash, I stashed a hundred bucks in the back of my checkbook 'cause ya never know when I might need it... I made out a deposit slip and took the rest to the bank along with my payroll check the next afternoon -- where I was asked for my ID in the drive-thru. Very interesting...

A couple days later, I fired up the ol' online bill-pay and paid off the credit card I'd bought the truck with, and then with what was left, I paid off every other piddly little bit of anything I had left on all my other cards too. I'm not carrying a balance on a single one of 'em now -- just the ones that I use regularly and I pay 'em off every month; that's how I rack up the "Cashback Bonus," by paying my phone, cell phone, and internet every month with Discover.

Now... Fast-forward to Monday...

A little somethin' interesting turned up on the insurance auction's website, and it was in Oklahoma City. Since I wasn't makin' payments on anything else, I didn't mind the idea of makin' a few payments on a cool piece of rolling stock.

I'm pretty sure it'll be easy enough to fix.

It ended up bein' about a grand less than what I spent on the Excursion.

I'm pretty sure I can make a little bit of a profit off of it; but if I can't, it was cheap enough I don't mind the idea of payin' it off and keeping it.

It was only bumped a little bit, I was able to drive it home.

It has fully functional air conditioning.

It's white on the outside and very, very bluuuuuuue on the inside.

It has six doors.

It's on my Flickr account:

With I-35

More Pictures Here.