Monday, September 13, 2010

McLinky Monday: Favorites

McLinky Monday: Favorites


Favorite Actor:

Billy Bob Thornton. Don't look at me like that; I'm not talkin' about his personal life, I like the voice (If he read audiobooks, I'd buy every one of 'em) and the mannerisms and the creativity. I'm not a big fan of skinny-druggie-lookin' Billy Bob, I first had a thing for virile-young-healthy Billy Bob with some meat on the bones, like when they made "The Outsiders" into a TV series in the very early 90's when he had that dark curly mullet.

Favorite Actress:

The first favorite that comes to mind is Camryn Manheim, because she's, ahem, sturdy like me, has great hair and uncommon confidence. Also, she Signs, which kinda makes me wish I'd stayed with it in college. I really liked her in "The Practice," which may be why I ended up celebrating racing events with new earrings.

Favorite Movie:
Oh, how am I supposed to pick just one? "Where The Heart Is" and "Slingblade" are both great stories of Friendship and Love, "Identity" was an excellent "thinking" kinda horror movie, I liked just about every Stephen King movie, and I have a thing for Kevin Smith.

Favorite Band:
(Well, at least it's "band" and not individual, that helps narrow it down some.)

Widespread Panic; I love the music of the hardest workin', hardest tourin', rockin' little jam band ever. The concert experience is a cultural spectacle as well. There's a WSP song that I want played at my wedding, but I know I could never get John Bell his own self to show up for that…

The Gourds; these guys caught my ear on Austin City Limits one night, I was just wandering through the living room and "Burn The Honeysuckle" stopped me in my tracks. I've seen 'em twice here in Tulsa, and I got to love on Kev both times -- that's why I love those small-venue, "intimate" kinda shows, I saw 'em on TV, I have the CD in my car, and now I know what a couple of those guys smell like. Heh. Yeah, hi, I'm kind of a sicko.

My other favorite from a small-venue show, Deadbolt. Those guys rocked me to pieces, I freakin' loved every CD Clay handed to me, and the night they played in Tulsa, I got to meet Harley before the show -- he grabbed me and hugged me right off the bat, but I couldn't smell him. I was puzzled until the show got going and he whipped out a purple can of Aqua-Net; that's why I couldn't smell him, he smelled just like me.

Favorite Musical:
I don't know if I really have one… We marched to Music Of The Night and a medley from Les Miserables in highschool, I'll always love those; but more as music than as musicals.

Favorite Novel:
If I have to pick just one, it's "The Outsiders," it's a Tulsa classic.

Favorite Cuisine:
Down-Home Momma-n-Grandma Cookin', like Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner. I have a hard time resisting pizza, especially the meaty varieties. When it comes to restaurants, ya can't beat a good steak like from Santa Fe Cattle Company; medium-to-medium-well, loaded baked potato, rolls, maybe a cup of soup (I'll try almost any soup, like a lot of 'em). I am also crazy for Mexican, even though I never touched a crumb of it until I was well past twenty five. Somewhere around here, I thought I had a picture of a table full of goodness from El Charro, but I guess I lost it -- so I'm posting this shot of a "Hall Of Fame" from The Minuteman Pizza Parlor in Prattville, 'cause it's the best pizza there is!

Favorite Wine:
I have no idea… I had some Red Sangria out of a box at a party one time that tasted pretty good, but I really don't have much experience with wine, I'm just not much of a drinker.

Favorite Store:
Just like Mrs. Albright who wrote today's RHOK post, I love-love-love Ross, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx, in no particular order, eh, when I'm away from home (like that weekend in Springfield), I'll visit 'em in whatever order they come up on the GPS, especially the shoes & handbags. I'm not a real big fan of the mall, but I was pretty impressed with the Joplin mall, which I visited just because there's a TJ Maxx there -- I changed into my new shoes beside my car in the parking lot. I also love-love-love Hobby Lobby, at home and away, so they're also on that GPS list.

Favorite Vampire:

Favorite Primetime TV Series:
"One Tree Hill," which I started watching because of Craig Sheffer, who they shot and killed off just as soon as I got attached to the rest of the people on that show.

Favorite Time Waster:
My iPhone!!! It does everything, FaceBook, MySpace, a behzillion different kinds of solitaire, puzzle games, Sudoku, it's got everything and there have been occasions where I've sat down with it and lost track of time to the point that I've had to answer awkward questions like "Are you having trouble emptying your bladder?" Yes, seriously.

Favorite Chore:
Knitting isn't a chore, so let's say Naps. Heh.

Favorite Quote:
I have lots; "I think I'll just buy me a used car lot and never sell a one of 'em, just drive a different one every day depending on how I feel." - Tom Waits.

Favorite Smell:
The ones that bring back memories -- like when I got my race trailer, it smelled just like how the kindergarten rooms at Ator always smelled when they built the "spook house" every Halloween. I have tried desperately to duplicate that late-70's GM car cleaned with gold Lysol smell, but I can't make any of my cars smell like Mom's Trans-Am smelled when I was a kid; but it still smells the same after all these years. I'll never forget the smells of my Grandma's house, my Best Friend in highschool, my first Coach purse, my first Bell helmet, and Stetson Sierra…

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Anywhere! I just wanna go somewhere! :)