Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not Much...

Wednesday, Humpday, Yawn.

I made the commitment to post every day though, so even though it's a short one, I've gotta share something that made me giggle.

I remember when the "Terminator" movies were new, I remember Arnold from before he was elected to office.

As long as I can remember, everybody has pronounced it "Schwartz-en-ay-ger" or "Schwartz-in-ey-ger" or "Schwars-uh-nay-gur."

This morning, NPR's election coverage prounounced it "Schwartsnigger." I thought it might be a goof-up, but then there it was again! Like they were just trying to throw that word in there right out loud for junior-high-style sh!ts & giggles!


Yeah, I did giggle a little bit...


I keep wantin' to get home so I can knit some more, and with it bein' sooooo nice outside, I'm thinkin' about knitting on the back porch.

A couple minutes ago, I took an order for a taillight that had probably been on the shelf since the Regan Administration; and I was really happy to get outta here even for the five minutes it takes to go to the Post Office and back. Does that tell ya anything about how boring today has been?


Oh, but I did give in to temptation earlier today. I did it, I just gave right in and did it, 'cause it was a better deal than I could find anywhere else, and 'cause it was somethin' I've been wantin' for quite a while. I got it on Ebay's "Buy It Now," and now I'm waitin' for the UPS man like a little kid waitin' for Santa! I'm finally gettin' one! It's coming! It'll be here any day now!

Weh-Hooo!! My BLACKBERRY is on it's way to me!

Oh man, I really am just a geeky-nerdy-dippy Junior-High kid myself, aren't I?

More later... \,,/_


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