Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On the Wi-Fi in the "Disaster Area."

Apparently we're in an official "Disaster Area." Home Sweet Oklahoma.

I'm very thankful to be warm (@ Clay's brother's house in Mounds), even if I'm not quite as comfy as I could be due to feelin' filthy. I guess I shouldn't be feelin' so filthy, I know there are millions of people who skip a day (or two) of showering even when there's water available, but I'm set in my habits and I just feel grungy this morning. All was well 'til the water pressure went...

At Home, My Mom has the generator off the race trailer, which is sitting on the patio and running the fridge & furnace through a big orange extension cord, but I'm not sure if the car would make it into the neighborhood.

At Clay's house, about halfway between here and home, there's water, but no heat -- and let's face it, nobody wants to try to dry off in fifty degrees.

We'll figure somethin' out when Clay gets back.

A voice from the TV just said "I was readin' this article by this doctor, well, not a medical doctor, but the kind of doctor where ya don't have to go to school..." Good gawd, it's like a horrible vacuum that'll suck the brains right out of the human skull. The news mentioned something about FEMA yesterday while I wasn't completely paying attention, then later, there was something about people calling 9-1-1 in attempts to "get a FEMA generator."

Generators... That's one more concept that makes me wonder, with all the TV-watchin' goin' on, do people not learn anything at all from the things they see? Haven't they watched the scenes in the movies and shows on the brain-sucker-box where somebody gets all "sick-of-it-all" and puts their car in the garage with a hose from the tailpipe to the window to "end-it-all?" That generator has a gas tank where you put gas, and it has a motor on it, a tiny little copy of the thing under the hood of the car; which means it has a tiny little tailpipe where it blows out the same stuff that the car blows out. If you start it up in the living room, it will kill you, and you will be on the news for it. Same goes for the Hibachi, you can't light that inside the apartment, okay? Please don't attempt to light a fire unless your place has a fireplace, common sense, though not so common, saves lives every day.

I think there should be a new category of Darwin Award for the generator-user situation, maybe the little statue could curl up on the carpet next to a generator with a space heater plugged into it, and maybe a Hibachi with a can of ravioli sittin' on it.

Oh dear, cabin fever has made me an angry bitch... Maybe FEMA will bring me a formaldehyde-infused campin' trailer to make me feel "all better."

More later... _\,,/

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