Thursday, November 09, 2006

Viva Food Cult!!!

For several years, I was not the type for "Wednesday Night Church," but I've been getting a little more involved these last few months. I miss my Sunday Mornings, and I'm hoping to make it back soon, especially now that Racing Season is over.

I've enjoyed the little Wednesday Night get-togethers a lot more than I thought I would; we work our way through a page or two of a nice little Bible Study book, chat a little, and it's just a really nice time. I'm sure part of the reason I like it is because even as a "loner," I like to have at least a little bit of "time with people" every now and then -- ya know, not just the day-in-day-out retail public. It's almost always an interesting discussion, and I like it.

Last night wasn't any different; nice time at church, drive-thru for Mc-Dinner, and a little time with friends. I've never been to their house without havin' a nice time. They're good people, and I love spendin' time with 'em -- just hangin' out. We ate dinner, and laughed and joked about all kinds of stuff; I ended up gettin' home about a quarter 'til midnight and it didn't bother me at all. I figured if I lost a little sleep, it was worth it 'cause I'd had a great time just bein' with folks who are fun to be with.

I drove home carefully, went in the house quietly, and went to bed uneventfully. This morning, I was awake before the alarm and made it to work on time without a problem.

And then My Mom said she was "worried" because this whole church thing was "looking like a cult."

Like A Cult. Yes, it's just horrifying to think that voting adults would leave a Church at the end of Wednesday Night Services to climb into their perfectly legal insured cars to go to McDonalds, where they'd use the drive-thru to order cheeseburgers and fries and chicken, and even fried cherry pies. It's just frightful to think that they'd sit down at a table in a dining room and say things like "Want anything from the fridge?" and "No thanks, I've got a Diet Dr. Pepper," or ask each other such awful questions like "Are those the custard pies?" or "I haven't seen our other friend in a while, how's he doin'?" Oh, the horror doesn't end there, would you believe that people actually finished up with dinner and put the empty containers in the garbage can? It's just stunning to think that people would actually spend time with one another, checking out an "Evoloution Of Dance" video on YouTube and chatting about such absurdly frightful things as Bad Poetry, Podcasts, Cars, Movies or Television. In a shocking twist of horror, people would actually cuddle a baby and attempt to get him to smile or giggle; and even crack open a "Veggie Tales" software package to make up invitations for a toddler's birthday party! Oh, The, Horror! The "Cult" also had the nerve to look at and talk about collectibles and toys, and to even plan to go to dinner at an Italian Restaurant before seeing a stage production of a local author's work the following weekend! It just is terrible, isn't it?

I Love My Cult! And by the way, the Cult has nothing to do with me being a sarcastic b!tch sometimes... But we laugh at that too.

When there are 12-or-13-year-old HoMeSkOoLeD kids gettin' dumped out at "church" on Wednesday Nights only to pile in a car with some highschool kid and leave to go run around 'cause Mom's not there to say no, I really don't think people in their twenties or thirties are doing anything worthy of worry by having junk food for dinner and sittin' around talking for a while.

We weren't drowning kittens or bleeding out goats or hacking the tails off small woodland creatures; we are not a "Cult."

I guess that's just the magic of working with Family -- any other job wouldn't care what I did the night before. Working anywhere else, I probably wouldn't give a damn what my co-workers kids were doing either.

If you've got good kids, no matter how young or old they are, I hope you appreciate 'em.

More later... _\,,/


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! All in all it sounds like you handled the incident with your mother well, though.

And yes, I do appreciate my daughter.


7:50 PM  

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