Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nearly Disjointed Humpday

Nobody cares what I had for lunch -- but wouldn't you care if you'd ordered a sandwich with "No Cheese" and then it had cheese on it, even though the wrapper had a "No Cheese" sticker on it and everything?


While I'm on the topic of food, last night we went to the Mazzio's Tuesday Night Buffet. Howdy, Google! I'm talkin' about the Mazzio's at 71st & South Lewis Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They must've been near the expiration date on a couple containers; 'cause every pizza on the buffet had mushrooms, or black olives, or mushrooms and black olives.

Outside this here Automotive Industry, I've never worked in foodservice -- only in healthcare, but lemme tell ya, in the healthcare world, we are picky-picky-picky about those latex gloves. Last night, while patiently waiting by the buffet for a pizza with niether mushrooms nor black olives on it, I watched a Mazzio's employee wearing latex gloves pick up a pan off the buffet. The pan had one cinnamon breadstick and some crumbs left in it. He carried it over to the counter in the kitchen and when he put it down, he picked up that last cinnamon stick and looked it over. He broke it in two and dropped the skinny-crusty end into the garbage can, and while still holding the other piece in his latex-gloved hand, he pitched some of the crumbs out of the pan into the garbage, and then took a bite of the piece he had in his hand. While chewing and still holding a piece in one hand, he used his free hand to pitch the cinnamon-y pan & spatula around the corner out of sight and lay out a (presumably clean) buffet pan on the counter. As he turned even more clearly into view, he popped the last piece into his mouth and grabbed the pliers to take a pizza off the oven track, and still chewing, took it to the pan he'd laid out and cut it up and put it on the buffet right there in front of me.

It was grilled chicken, and it looked good. But I wasn't about to touch it, and it was all I could do not to say something about it.

Instead, I got pudding off the salad bar and went back to sit down.


On a string of Food topics, have I mentioned lately how thankful I am that my teeth aren't hurting anymore? It's great, I'm happy, I'm not worryin' about when that knock-me-to-my-knees pain will come again. That empty hole is a little strange every now & then, but it's nothin' compared to hurtin'; and it's worth every payment.


Wow, those little bits almost went together, maybe today's not so disjointed after all...


I was checkin' out Fussy today, and I just noticed it's the fifteenth -- we're halfway through November and I haven't missed a day!

Also, Fussy mentioned a little teensy bit about "Songs my kindergartener son insists on hearing every morning on the way to school ("Mr. Roboto" by Styx and "Godzilla" by Blue Oyster Cult)." Now, seriously, how freakin' cool is that? I kindergarten B-O-C fan! It's like a blast from the past!! I vividly remember fallin' in Love with Meat Loaf's "Bat Out Of Hell" as a kindergartener on the way to school, sittin' on the center console in Mom's Smokey-&-The Bandit Trans-Am. There are several of those ol' 8-Track favorites that have stayed with me all these years; Clapton's Slowhand, The Eagles' Hotel California, Steve Miller's Book Of Dreams, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours -- I loved 'em then, and I still love 'em now. Same goes for the Bandit TA too.


I want a "Dead Fred." I just think it's cool... Heh heh...


See if you think there's a correlation here: The HoMeSkOoLeRz aren't here today, but the Porno Problem is here instead. Gee, I wonder if there's a connection.


Halfway... And Thanksgiving is sneakin' up on us too... Time to figure out what I'm gonna cook to "make a good impression."

;) More later... _\,,/


Anonymous Robin said...

I was in culinary school around the time they started making laws about food service people wearing latex gloves, getting hepatitis A vaccines, etc. Most of the chefs I studied under were livid because things like gloves and vaccines give people a false sense of security.

I've had a few occasions where people have handed me change while wearing those latex gloves. GROSS!

I'm not a fan of buffets in general, because they're usually filthy. However, I'm becoming a fan of Cici's Pizza. They're cheap, the pizza's good and my favorite part: they're insane about cleanliness.

12:45 PM  
Blogger katie said...

I stopped eating pizza buffets after once seeing a child sneeze all over the salad bar and then nonchalantly return to her seat.

For some reason, I cannot bring myself to stop eating Indian food buffets. It's like I've convinced myself that sneezing children don't eat Indian food.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw. I always like to find Oklahoma bloggers!

11:49 AM  

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