Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not An Actual Professional Review, But...

We had a great time last night... The little Italian Restaurant wasn't the best-thing-ever, but it was alright -- fun conversation is a lovely distraction from underwhelming food. In true Food Cult fashion, we chatted about everything from cars to work to HoMeSkOol; and even that billboard out on the highway that says "Birth Control is Dangerous!" Sorry, I'm NOT about to link to that site that was printed on the sign -- I don't think Birth Control is Dangerous; I've found it quite handy myself. One of my fellow Cult members had seen the site and reported that it claims that The Pill causes people to do terrible things because it supposedly takes away the consequences, and blah-blah-woof-woof. I really don't think it's brought about any changes in my moral character; it hasn't made me run out & bang anybody, it's just reducing my chances of developing certain tumors and making my "Aunt Flo"s visits easily predictable. No Evil there, huh?

Anyway... Uhm, that was a rabbit-chase. Back to what I signed in to write about...

Theatre Tulsa's production of S. E. Hinton's "The Outsiders" was fascinating. Still amazed by the fact that I'd managed to get four seats in the front row of the center section, we were even more amazed by how close we actually were. When they put on "Rumble Fish" at TU, there was about an eight-foot gap between the front row and the stage -- At the PAC, we were close enough to touch the stage and lookin' eye-level right at feet and ankles.

The opportunity to get involved in something so magical in Highschool Drama has to be completely amazing... When I read in the paper that most of the actors were still in highschool, mostly sophomores, I wondered if it would be like watching Ruthie & the twins on "Seventh Heaven," but thankfully, it was not. I was a little concerned there'd be some of that near-reading we used to see when I was in school, ya know, where there's almost no expression and you're dying to finish the sentence for 'em 'cause it's like torture watching 'em struggle.

Those kids were amazing. Just amazing. I'll be honest, I'm a bit of an obsessed fan -- I loved the book, I loved the movie, and I still get 'em out every now and then. I guess it all got started because when we watched it in the library in middle school, we could actually see a little bit of the building we were sittin' in when they got to the scene at Tastee-Freeze. Along with several notable home-town-Tulsa landmarks, the parts store where my brother worked was easily visible in the scene filmed on Main Street in Owasso. It was great to see a whole different group of actors present their take on such a classic -- and I know this might sound a little crazy, but there were times I almost forgot how close we were, and actually locked eyes with actors a couple times - which really shocked the sh!t outta me!

It was a great play; I really enjoyed it even though there were a couple little teensy bits that got left out... But seriously, I can't fault 'em for leavin' out the line about Gorilla Cookies.

I'd originally got the four tickets for opening night, but I had to exchange 'em a couple weeks later. I was stunned to find I was still able to get the front row, I wondered if maybe there wasn't much interest in it -- but the theater was full. I sat next to a fellow fan, and she gave me a card with a link to her site. Ya know how I said I was an obsessed fan? Well, I used to think I was the only one who loved that story so much... I am soooo not alone, the magic reaches sooooo far -- she'd made the trip to Tulsa all the way from Alabama to see the play. Last year, when the "Complete Novel" DVD came out, she'd made the trip to be here for the showing at a Tulsa theater -- the showing I didn't know anything about until I saw the article in the newspaper afterward.

I'm seriously thinkin' about tryin' to make it back to see it again, even if I do end up goin' alone.

And if Nicholas Foster was shocked by the guy in the front row who yelled "Do It For Johnny, Man!" when he came out to take a bow, well, uhm, Hi, I'm that guy's girlfriend... And I'm very thankful it was during the bow & applause instead of during the play itself.



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